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Dear Angela

This is just a quick email to say thank you for all you've done, judging by the experience I've had with Lea-Anne you do a great job as a company! Lea-Anne has helped me secure a job as an Optical Assistant with no stress! Lea-Anne has been absolutely brilliant, polite, full of knowledge about the interview process,  stayed in touch with me and informed me every step of the way from the moment I put through an application to my job acceptance today.

She has also made sure to let me know that she'll be in touch in the next 3 months too. I've had very poor experiences from recruitment agencies so I was quite weary, but Lea-Anne has given me the confidence and reassurance that there are companies out there who are all about the people! Thank you very much.

Kind regards


--- Annabelle - Optical Assistant - Aylesbury ---

Hi Anu 

I am new to locuming  so was apprehensive about finding constant work. However, with PPRUK and Anu's assistance I have been reassured and Anu has been able to fulfill my requirements and even exceeded my expectations!

Locum Optometrist - Essex
--- Locum Optometrist - Essex ---

Dear Anu,

I would like to say a massive thank you to Anu for all her hard work and commitment to finding me Locum work over the last 2 years. Only in the past few months I have started booking more frequently and directly through Anu who has been fantastic in her approach and professionalism. No request is ever too much for Anu, she goes above and beyond to ensure my bookings are correct, the daily rates are the best possible and always ensures that my invoices are received and paid on time. I know for a fact this type of tailored service would not be offered by any other agency. Thank you for making my life so much easier and organised Anu, you’re a real asset to PPRUK! I am looking forward to continuing working with you in the future and securing more Locum work. 

Many Thanks,

--- Tanya - Locum Optometrist - Slough ---

Dear Angela,

I just want to let you know that Manny done an incredible job helping me. He took a really good genuine care of me for my months of struggles and never forgot about me. I am truly amazed by his unconditional approach towards me.

He is absolutely on point and has a really good understanding of people and a transparent with business, which is a rare quality in my eyes.

He managed through every little misunderstanding and could clear it up with ease. He was an incredible support for me, and was there for me every single time to make sure everything goes smooth!

I just wanted to take the time to let you know!

Thank you very much!


--- Eleanora - Optical Assistant - Nottingham ---

Good morning Angela,

I would like to thank Manny and Lea-Anne for their help in regards to my employment as a Pharmacist Manager in Doncaster. Manny was in touch with me a few days after I sent my CV to your agency. He took time to understand my job preferences and he helped a lot to tailor my job offers to them. Whilst he was on annual leave, he handed it over to Lea-Anne and I was kept informed throughout the process. Their interactions with me were very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend PPR UK anytime. 

Kind regards. 

--- Grace - Pharmacist Manager - Doncaster ---

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the help Manny has given me in finding me a new position. He took great care to find out my needs and preferences and recommended a company who share my professional values. I am looking forward to starting my new role and feel confident that Manny has helped find the position most suited to me,


--- Ruth - Pharmacist - South Yorkshire ---

My experience with Amy Britton-Powell was very good, always being helpful and responsive to my queries. Finding a job was quick and communication was clear, warm and to the point. I would recommend Amy for the above reasons.

--- Daniela - Hearing Aid Dispenser - London ---

Please give my feedback that i couldn't have asked for a better service from yourselves over the past 3 months - you've been professional and very proficient
Our Thanks!
--- Harry - Optical Manager ---

Hi Anu, 

I would just like to say how wonderful you have been in helping me get locum dates. You are extremely efficient when replying to my emails, and patient in your replies to my never-ending questions. I have only been locuming for the past 2 months and you have been immensely helpful in securing block bookings and explaining how things work. Thanks to you I have now almost entirely booked my diary with work days, and this gives me huge peace of mind. 

It is also nice that I can call you and email you. I do not have to talk to all the other staff and repeatedly explain my concerns or questions. Instead a direct phone call to you or an email, means that you know me well and can help me out straight away.

Thank you once again, and I look forward to continuing working with you.

Kind regards


--- Maulia - Locum Optometrist - London ---

To Whom it may concern

I would like to say how great  Anu has been in finding me Locum work. She has found me last minute bookings, block bookings at the best rate with the highest standard of accommodation. 

Anu has been excellent to work with and calls me with work that may be  suitable for me. If work has be cancelled she works hard to find me replacement work.

She has been a pleasure to work with

Kind regards 


--- Azam - Locum Optometrist - London ---

Good Afternoon Angela,

I am the Manager of an Optical Store in the South West. I just wanted to email regarding how Kate has handled my requests to find Locum Optometry cover.

I have put ads out with a number of Locum agencies over the last few weeks as we had unexpected holiday and needed it covered very urgently. I gave my pricing and what I needed. 

Not only did Kate understand everything I wanted and used the criteria I gave her, she took the initiative to ask me about rising prices in certain situations, she was able to contact me back at all hours of the day that suited me.

Kate made me feel like my business was important to her, and for an agency to put that much effort into one of their clients is phenomenal.

All of the other agencies did not find me people quick enough or for the exact dates that I wanted or the pricing that I wanted. Therefore Kate excelled my expectations of how your company works, and for that I will be using your company in the future and I will most certainly be asking for Kate.

I have emailed due to the fact that I know being a customer facing company that it takes 2 minutes to praise someone, although it is not done enough.

I hope you understand the level of service and professionalism that was shown to me by Kate.

I will not be using another Locum agency and I will also be recommending you to our region and our division of over 100 stores. I have already spoken to the Divisional Director about this, and about how professional and efficient Kate was. 

Kind Regards,


--- Paul - Optical Store Manager - South West ---

Hi Angela

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to Manny.

Three weeks ago I expressed interest in a Dispensing Optician role and I am now the successful applicant. I can’t thank Manny enough for supporting me through this process and for encouraging me to be myself. He has without a doubt made the whole experience very enjoyable.

--- Michelle - Dispensing Optician - Yorkshire ---

Good Morning Mrs Britton,

I would like to thank you for the professionalism and excellent service that I had from Lea-Anne Barnes. I kept in touch with her all the time in regards to my application for a Pharmacist manager role. 

Lea-Anne arranged a quick interview on the phone first and she came back to me to check how I was feeling with the telephone interview. After that, she arranged very quickly a face to face interview for me and she encouraged me, supporting me all the way. I really felt all the efforts to make me succeed and I do not have enough words to thank Lea-Anne for how passionate she is in her job. 

I will recommend PPRUK to all my pharmacists and dispensers colleagues to work with you for good success. 

I am very happy and excited about the new role, especially because Lea-Anne understood my needs and what I was looking for and she did her very best to help me in a short time! 

King regards,

--- Crina - Pharmacist Manager - Longwell Green ---

Dear Angela,

I would like to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with the level of service I have had from PPR UK, in particular Manny, he made the whole process very smooth and effortless. 

He is so supportive and helpful and you can tell he really cares.  I was successful in my application for a Pharmacy manager position and Manny was there every step of the way with help and guidance.

Thank you.

Kind regards


--- Helen - Dispensing Technician - Newcastle ---


I cannot thank Anu enough for her top notch service! She responds to emails within minutes and it's always been a pleasure organising bookings with her. She has often gone the extra mile to secure the rates and stores I wanted to work in. I especially appreciate her help to connect me to others in her network.

She always conducts herself in a very friendly, professional and pleasant manner. It's been an enjoyable experience with the regular bookings she has arranged for good rates. 

I greatly appreciate the assistance she has provided me so far. She is an absolute asset to PPRUK and she definitely deserves an appraisal if she hasn't already had one! 

--- Yong - Locum Optometrist - London ---

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the manner in which you have handled the whole process for me. Your attention to detail with regard to both guidance for interview questions, job specification, and matching me to the ethics of the company have been so accurate. I can't wait to get started! Thank you from myself and my family and I will be recommending you directly to all of my colleagues. You've really done a great job!

--- Sean - Hearing Aid Dispenser - Yorkshire ---

Hi Angela
Just a quick email to say how helpful Lea-Anne was at arranging an interview with an Opticians for me. She was fantastic
Kind Regards
--- Bradley - Optical Assistant - Cornwall ---


I felt compelled to give some feedback on my experience with PPRUK.

Coming from a background in customer service roles, I wanted to give recognition to Amy Goodwin in regards to my dealings with her on the phone. After dealing with similar organisations in the past, speaking to Amy has been a pleasure and in an age where customers/clients can easily be reduced to just a number, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience and felt that Amy was taking a genuine interest in my personal progress.

I truly hope she gets the recognition she deserves for her drive, dedication and professionalism towards her job.

Yours faithfully,

--- Thomas - Optical Assistant - Stirling ---

I would like to thank you for your constant support and help in covering the practices when needed. 

I hope this great partnership continues for the time ahead.

Thank you.

Best regards,


--- Optical Client - London ---

I am a locum Optometrist who recently booked some locum days through your agency with Rishi.I am pleased to inform you that my experience with your agency because of Rishi has been very good .Rishi made sure the opticians I have worked with have kept to the testing times and breaks.

Kind regards


--- Valmiki - Locum Optometrist - Nottingham ---


Elif has been really helpful and supportive throughout the whole process; she was easy to reach and always communicated with me at a time that was convenient.

Kind regards,

--- Clinical Pharmacist - Brighton ---

I am writing to you regarding my experience with your company and Charlyne in particular.

I am an Optometrist with approaching 30 years experience and have been using your agency for almost one year. 

I am very happy with the level of service I received from all the staff and would also like to single out Charlyne for a special mention- she has been helping me for about 3-4 months.

My skill set and requirements are quite specific and Charlyne has displayed great professionalism in tailoring opportunities to my needs. An example of this would be where she literally talked me out of a booking that she felt would not be suitable, promising and delivering on an option more suitable to my Clinical background within a couple of days. To do this she uses the old fashioned technique of taking the time to listen and understand my clinical background and formulating which practices would benefit from my skill set - I have never felt that she is trying to just "fill the position"-  an experience I have disappointingly come across with other agencies. 

It is refreshing to meet someone who is available to take and return calls in a timely manner and goes the extra mile to try and ensure a good fit for both the practice and the Clinician.


--- Rohit - Locum Optometrist - West Midlands ---

"Angela is a pleasure to work with and professional in the approach she uses to source the best candidates for Morrisons Pharmacy. She has presented me with some good candidates for some of our more 'difficult to fill' positions and has added value by looking outside the box and making recommendations specific to the vacancy in question when referring candidates to me, and shown knowledge of the market in so doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

--- Lucy - Pharmacy Resourcer - Morrisons Pharmacy ---

I would like to write a testimonial for Anu , regarding her consistent excellent assistance in providing me with tailor-made locum work over the past 3 years!

I know she is probably sick of me , with my constant e-mails and specific requirements , but she always deals with me professionally and handles my requests efficiently. With bookings now, she even asks the Directors the questions before even I do! It is a pleasure dealing with Anu and the PPRUK agency and I always feel reassured when doing a block booking with yourselves.

More recently , I have challenged Anu to find bookings for me and my Fiancée together, and she has even managed to do that which has been exceptional! I cannot praise her highly enough and I always recommend Anu to my other Locum friends and colleagues. She is an important asset to the agency and I hope to continue working with Anu and PPRUK for many more years to come!

Kind Regards,


--- Ninal - Locum Optometrist - London ---

Anu has been very proactive and enthusiastic since the first day I got in contact with her for locum work.  She has been very accommodating, helpful and keen to provide me with dates and regions that I prefer. I feel that Anu is very reliable and I especially feel comfortable to approach her. She has filled up my schedule so quickly and efficiently and made the process seamless! I would recommend Anu to anyone of my colleagues who needs locum work. Thank you Anu for your great service! 



--- Caroline - Locum Optometrist - London ---

I have been registered with PPRUK for the past year and have developed a good relationship with Anu Jalaf. As a full time locum optometrist it can be difficult to find work, however Anu has been very helpful in finding me locum days. Most of my work is now booked through her. She is very professional and great at resolving any changes in my diary.  Through Anu I have built up a network of stores where I now get regular work. I can’t recommend her services enough.

--- Rupinder - Locum Optometrist - Uxbridge ---


Good news is I PASSED my Canadian exams and I am a qualified optometrist over here now! Bad news - I'm letting my UK registration expire and I won't be back.

THANK YOU so much for your help over the past 3 years!! You're great. 

Happy holidays.

--- Adam - Locum Optometrist - Dorchester ---


I just wanted to bring to your attention the very positive and pleasant experience I have had during my recent job application.  In particular I would like to highlight the superb service that Manny has given in supporting me through the application and interview process. He was very thoughtful, attentive, polite, friendly and helpful .

His encouragement and attention to detail has been fantastic and he has always honoured any commitments he has made.  So I just want to make it crystal clear how much I appreciate his help and advice and I am very thankful to him as the position has been offered to me and it is an amazing opportunity and I accepted the position promptly. 


--- Katerina - NVQ2 Dispenser - London ---

First class professional, efficient, but yet personal service from the onset. Thank you Lea-Anne for taking time and all your efforts in assisting me. Would  recommend PPRUK to candidates and employers alike and  would certainly use again. 

--- Roy - Hearing Aid Dispenser - Norwich ---


Hi Angela 

PPRUK is always my first choice agency when I’m looking for any locum work to book. Kate, who looks after me, constantly goes above and beyond her role to secure me work in the areas that I’m looking for at short notice and for that I am very grateful. 

She is kind, considerate and accommodating and the best recruitment consultant I’ve ever worked with to date. She has aided me in securing work for very reputable companies and regularly does so without fail and with absolute promptness too.

Knowing that I’ve booked through PPRUK gives me the upmost confidence and reassurance in knowing that if anything goes wrong, they are there for me to remedy the problem and find a mutable agreement for both parties. Thank you so much for looking after me and I look forward to working with you for the many years to come 

--- Rukaiya - Locum Optometrist - South West ---